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Racing Tech Tips

RHR Swag is here to help you with your racing program anyway we can. Find different ways to improve the look and function of all the small things on your race car from labeling tire wraps to the best way to zip tie your distributor cables. We can’t guarantee that these racing tech tips will put you in victory lane, but we do know from years of experience and mistakes that we can help the keep the small things from ruining your night. Check out all the tips that we have for your race program here.  Also check out our safety tips for racing.

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Racing Tech Tip Videos Playlist

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Wrapping & Labeling Tires – Racing Tech Tip

Wipe Away Tire Marks – Tech Tip

Spring Steel – Racing Tech Tip

Cooler Motor = More Horsepower – Racing Tech Tip

How To Best Hold A Tire Siper – Racing Tech Tip

Grease Your Race Car – Racing Tech Tip

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