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SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow

Product Information:

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Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
SKU: ACI-80670

Product Description

  • Kit Includes: aluminum blade, rubber cutting edge, height adjustable interceptor, blade markers, and all the necessary hardware
  • Move snow with your pickup or SUV with 82″ (6’10”) long, 14.5″ high aluminum blade
  • Great for pickups, SUVs, minivans, and crossover utility vehicles
  • Works on the front or rear, fits into 2″ hitch (hitch not included)
  • Comes with height adjustable interceptor that slides into hitch
  • Great for pushing snow on concrete, asphalt, gravel and grass
  • SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow is a perfect snow removal option for quick driveway clearing
  • Super-strong, yet light-weight aluminum blade will resist rust and last for years of snow plowing
  • Easy to attach and remove from vehicle
  • No repairing hydraulic lines, no replacing wires and solenoids – works with the force of gravity!
  • Composite rubber cutting edge is built to last and ingeniously engineered to avoid damaging your driveway and lawn
  • Made in the USA: Agri-Cover (Jamestown, ND)

The most affordable personal home plow on the market. This aluminum, hitch-mounted plow works on the front or back of your pickup, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle. Just manually drop it down to plow. For being the entry level model in the esteemed SnowSport® plow line-up, the 180 Utility Plow packs a big punch. This personal utility snowplow attaches to a 2″ front or rear receiver hitch. The rubber cutting edge is easy on the grass, yet moves wet snow with ease. The hinging design, engages the blade when pushing snow and disengages when going the opposite direction. Move some snow with your pickup or SUV. Be prepared for old man winter with a Snowsport 180 plow.

Gone are the days of needing an electrical engineering degree or expert-level mechanical prowess to simply plow your yard and driveway. A SnowSport 180 snow plow is going to save you big bucks with zero maintenance necessary. With its rust-free aluminum frame and composite rubber blade, this plow is going to be ready for that falling fluff when you need it!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

1 review for SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    George Sarkisian

    I have owned both the HD version plow and now the LT version. My blade on the HD version weighed about 125 pounds (84 inch blade). The blade on the LT version weighs 68 pounds (82 inch blade). On some of the other reviews on this plow, the guy is lifting the HD version blade with one arm (125 pounds) and very little effort. Either this guy is Hercules or I am the weakest guy in the world. Lifting up each end is about equal to lifting a 60 pound dumb bell in the gym. That size dumb bell is huge. This guy is lifting each end with one arm only. No legs. No effort. It just doesn’t seem practical or realistic.

    The blade itself on the HD version is about 125 pounds. The push frame bracket is almost as heavy as the blade. The blade on the LT and Utility models are about 68 pounds. The push frame bracket also weighs much less. I had the HD version blade and push frame bracket (bought at half price off craigslist from a farmer who wanted to dig up an asphalt driveway. He didn’t have success; thus he sold it to me.).

    Since I am getting older it was very hard to lift the HD blade onto the bracket ends, especially since the push frame bracket ends are 23 inches high (5 inches taller than the LT push frame Bracket ends). I sold that package and bought the LT Utility version (again off craigslist, broke even on the sale and purchase price). The LT version push frame bracket is much lighter as is the blade itself. Only 68 pounds for the blade. I have to plow in reverse because I can’t put a front mount on my leased Dodge Ram (not allowed to drill holes in the frame). That works just fine except the push frame bracket mounts much higher on the 2 inch square receptor in the back, rather than a 2 inch square receptor in the front which is under the splash guards. Only the HD version allows you to angle the blade in three directions. The LT version does NOT have the box ends NOR can you angle the blade.

    My only complaint is that I have a very severe angle between my concrete street and my asphalt driveway. I can’t clear the snow at that intersection. The plow rides up at the intersection. I bought the tie down strap but that prevents the blade from riding up on the push frame bracket mount and I dig the plow and bracket into the street and driveway. Other than that, plow is well worth the money given that a large, powerful, quality snow blower is at least $800. $800 is more than I paid for (and sold for) the used HD version I bought off of craigslist and more than twice as much as I paid for the used LT version I bought off of craigslist. I was lucky.

    Again, I had to mount both versions of the push frame bracket in the rear. With the HD version bracket, that extra 5 inches in height of the bracket ends as well as the extra height the bracket mount rides when connected to a rear receiver meant I had to lift the HD version blade almost to waist height to get it up and over the bracket ends. I am 68 years old. I am not as strong as Steve Reeves any more. If you get a little snow stuck to the blade it is even heavier.

    The blade height on the HD version is 18 inches high. the blade height on the LT version is 14.5 inches high. Given that I have to the blade in the back, the blade barely touches the ground (even with the bracket plate upside down) so I have to lower the tire pressure in the back tires to get a good blade to ground fit. I am trying out different versions with rope attached to the bracket ends so I can lower the blade without having to lower the air pressure in the tires.

    All Terrain Plow LT Utility Plow HD Utility Plow
    Blade Length 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″, 78″ 82″ 84″/96″
    Blade Height 14.5″ 14.5″ 18″
    Blade Weight 42 lbs., 50 lbs., 55 lbs., 58 lbs., 61 lbs., 66 lbs. 68 lbs. 105 lbs./127 lbs.
    Lifting Weight from ground to Transport Position 60″ Blade – 25 lbs. 33 lbs. 84″ Blade – 55 lbs.
    Blade Position Adjustable to left, right, or center Fixed to center Adjustable to left, right, or center
    Push Frame Size 23″ wide x 18″ high 31″ wide x 18″ high 31″ wide x 23″ high
    Box Ends No No Yes
    Front Mount included Yes Yes Yes
    Blade markers No Yes Yes
    Easy Lift Handles No No Yes
    One-year plow warranty Yes Yes Yes
    Three-year edge warranty Yes Yes Yes

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A This plow is the lightest-duty model that we have, and it is not designed to hit stationary objects with regularity. How the plow responds really depends on how fast you are going, and how large the object is that you are hitting. The plow will have a little bit of give, but not as much as a commercial plow would.
  2. A We encourage plowing with 8″ to 14″ of clearance from under receiver to level grade when installed. Vehicles with suspension modifications (oversized tires, lift kits, etc.) could encounter improper fitment for SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow use. In using adapters, drop hitches and the like, so long as you're vehicle remains within these dimensions, you'll be ready and rarin' to clear any amount of snow!
  3. A Please ensure 8″ to 14″ of clearance from under receiver to level grade when installed. I am not seeing any adapters that would allow you enough clearance to safely use the plow due to center of gravity.
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