Rule Breaker Coffee 4oz Sample

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  • Custom coffee made for those who can’t follow!
  • Dark Roast Coffee – Espresso Blend
  • Super BOLD Flavor
  • Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Colombian beans
  • Tangy, dark, chocolatey, earthy, full-flavored, clean finish coffee
  • Custom roasted in North Dakota
  • Finest beans sourced for a sensational taste
  • Regular (Medium) Grind
  • Sold in a single 4 ounce Bag

“The Rule Breaker” coffee is made for those who can’t follow. Regular grind in a 4oz bag. Made with a combination of Ethiopian, Costa Rican and Colombian beans to create a smooth bold flavor and the perfect dark roast, espresso blend. The Rule Breaker espresso roast has tangy, citrus and toffee flavors from the Costa Rican beans that combine with the dark, chocolatey, acidic flavors of the Colombian and finally delicate earthiness from the Ethiopian beans giving the roast a full, clean flavor. Red Headed Rebel Brew offers The Rule Breaker espresso blend for those who need to take their own path – you set yourself apart from the crowd by doing things your own way while remaining a law abiding citizen. Custom roasted in North Dakota daily with the finest beans for the freshest flavor.  Made for game changers, rule breakers, and rebels.  Custom mixed with 1/3 Ethiopian, 1/3 Costa Rican and 1/3 Colombian beans.  4 ounce bag.


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