RHR HD 3/16″ Multi Grip Rivets

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Product Description

  • Superior quality and strength
  • No backup washers necessary
  • 3/16″ diameter rivet
  • 3/8″ aluminum dome head
  • Grip Range up to 3/80″ or .437
  • Aluminum rivet w/ steel mandrel
  • Maximum length 5/8″
  • Free Shipping

These RHR HD Multi Grip Rivets have superior strength and quality. Great for fastening, metals plastics, vinyls and more. Made with an 3/8″ aluminum head and steel mandrel, these rivets crimp nicely and hold well. The body of the rivet is 3/16″ in diameter and has a grip range of .187 – .437 or up to 3/8″ and has a max length of 5/8″. Backup washers are not necessary, but will add even more strength. Order in quantities of 250 or 500 (bagged).


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Weight / Dimensions

Weight3.2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 3 in

250 Multi Grip Rivets (bagged), 500 Multi Grip Rivets (bagged)