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Retrax Pro MX Black Matte Aluminum Retracting Truck Bed Cover

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Product Description

  • Black Matte Premium HD Aluminum: Made from premium grade aluminum slats, powdered coated finished in sleek black matte. MX bed covers are given a rugged and durable matte finish for both style and dependability.
  • Built To All Weather Use: From heavy snow country, to Arizona hot, this cover is build to handle the elements. Engineered to work without trapping dust, wear out or freeze.
  • Patented Low-Profile Design: Incorporates a front cover that is flush with the truck bed cover, which streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help to keep the truck bed dry
  • Be Ready for Anything: Security, function & styling in 1. Made to handle about anything from blizzards, storms, rain showers, heavy snow fall and desert heat.
  • Lock in Any Position Design: Jey lock that can be secured & locked tight closed or lock it in any position you want. Great for 5th wheel & Gooseneck towing.
  • Hard Cover Security + Retracting Design: Unlock it and slide it up to the front. Compact canister for maximum storage or hauling capacity.
  • Flush Mount 1-Piece Integrated Design: Super smooth operation with one piece integrated cover design along with the premium maintenance-free built in bail bearing design.
  • Sealed Ball-Bearing Rollers: Mounted onto the aluminum support beams allow the RetraxPRO MX truck bed cover to retract or close effortlessly without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism – no moving parts to jam, freeze or fail.
  • Basic Clamp on Installation: Can be installed by just about anyone with simple hand tools. Comes in 2 boxes. 1 for the cover and canister, all pre-assembled and then a 2nd box with the side rails.
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs evenly distributed. Please note, sliding metal or tools over top of cover can scratch it, just like your pickup trucks paint.
  • Low Profile & OE Like Styling: Fit for year exact year, make, model and truck bed size. Extruded premium HD aluminum designed for a oe like styling and fit.
  • Manufactured in North Dakota: This is built for all weather, all season use. Holds up in the harsh cold climates. Water drains through built in canister tubes.

Fitment Notes on Rails: Standard rails slightly cover stake pocket holes, wide rails cover stake pocket holes and rails with stake pockets cut out are notched out so your stake pocket is open.  The cover mounts on the inside of the bed, and slightly covers your stake pocket holes. If you have a power tailgate, the cover span will impede the use of the power tailgate. If you want to use this tonneau with a truck rack, you will need to notch the tonneau rails or order select models with stake pocket holes cutout so the rack can mount to stake pockets OR just over the Pro MX XR model with the T-Slot rails for racks.

Not sure what size bed you have? Check out the How To Measure Your Truck Bed Video.

Retrax Pro MX Black Matte Hard Retracting Tonneau Video

The RetraxPRO MX retractable truck bed cover is part of our Premium Aluminum Series covers. The Premium Aluminum Series covers are constructed from industrial strength aluminum slats that provide unsurpassed strength and ruggedness. The RetraxPRO MX combines industrial strength aluminum construction with an incredibly resilient matte finish. The matte finish on the RetraxPRO MX provides incredible scratch resistance and adds style to your truck.

The RetraxPRO MX not only provides rugged protection for your truck bed it also provides a patented low-profile design that enhances the appearance of your truck. The compact storage container features a unique spiral track system that prevents the cover from coming into contact with itself as it opens and closes. The operation of this cover allows it to always stay flush to the rails and creates a dependable seal to help keep the elements out and protect your cargo.

The RetraxPRO MX has a sealed ball-bearing roller system that glides effortlessly along the rail with a convenient handle that eliminates the need for pull straps, Velcro, snaps or springs. The RetraxPRO MX is key lockable in any position that gives you unlimited flexibility in your hauling capacity.

If you wish to learn more about the RetraxPRO MX visit our FAQ page.

Have a Truck ToolBox? No Problem, please fill out this form or please call customer service.

Looking for above the cover management system? Check out our Trax Rail system.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Retrax Pro MX Black Matte Hard Retracting Truck Bed Cover Features



Retrax Pro MX Black Matte Hard Retracting Cover Features Video


The Retrax Pro MX hard retracting tonneau installation is fairly easy. Plan about 20 to 45 minutes depending on your skill level. It’s a bolt on installation. Check out the installation video or download Retrax Pro MX install guide.

Retrax Pro MX Retracting Truck Bed Cover Install Video


The RetraxPRO MX has a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee. This warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Retrax makes every effort to assure that its products meet high quality and durability standards to the original retail consumer/purchaser of our products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Retrax Warranty Statement

Retrax (referred to as manufacturer) warrants each new Retrax retractable pickup bed cover to the original owner (nontransferable) as follows:

The RetraxONE XR, RetraxONE MX, PowertraxONE XR, PowertraxONE MX, PowertraxPRO XR, and PowertraxPRO MX have a limited lifetime warranty for the failure of materials and workmanship. Warranty replacement costs will be prorated after one (1) year for the RetraxONE XR and RetraxONE MX, and three (3) years for the PowertraxONE XR, PowertraxONE MX, PowertraxPRO XR and PowertraxPRO MX.

The RetraxPRO MX and RetraxPRO XR feature the Legendary Lifetime Warranty for the failure of materials and workmanship. Warranty replacements will be issued at no cost for the life of the cover to the original owner.

Items not covered under the warranty

Normal wear over the life of the Retrax cover (including fading or discoloration)
Water intrusion at any location or any damage caused as a result
Other dealer and/or purchaser installed parts and accessories
Acts of God or other external causes

Conditions that will void all warranty

Lubrication of the rails or sealed ball bearings
Altering the Retrax cover in any manner without written approval from the manufacturer
Use for any purpose other than the normal intended use
Misuse, negligence or accident
Installation of any other part or accessory that comes in contact with, or may interfere with, the Retrax cover without the written approval of the manufacturer
Failure to register this warranty with the manufacturer within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery
Failure to adequately secure cargo to prevent damage to the Retrax cover

Conditions and Limitations

This warranty is subject to certain conditions and limitations
including, but not limited to, the following:

Any part of a Retrax retractable pickup bed cover that is found to be defective under the terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced, using either new or reconditioned parts, at the discretion of the manufacturer.
In determining what constitutes a failure under the terms of this warranty, the decision of the manufacturer will be final.
This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.
The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility in connection with the installation of any of its products by its dealers or agents.
Without regard to an alleged defect of its products, the manufacturer does not, under any circumstances, assume responsibility for inconvenience, loss of time, revenue or other consequential damage including, but not limited to, expenses for telephone, food, lodging, travel, loss or damage to the vehicle the products are installed on or loss or damage to personal property of the purchaser or user of the products.
The manufacturer does not undertake the responsibility to any purchaser for warranty expressed or implied by any of its dealers, distributors or agents beyond what is contained herein.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design
of, improvements to, or warranty of its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to provide the same for any products theretofore manufactured.
Under no circumstances shall Retrax be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages sustained in connection with the Retrax model covers.

Helpful Hints For Keeping Your Cover Looking And Working Like New

The Retrax bed cover should slide open and closed easily. Do not force the cover open or closed. Please contact Retrax before attempting any maintenance or repairs.

Care should be taken when setting any items on the cover. If the cover is dusty or an item is dragged across the cover, scratching or hazing may occur. Treat your Retrax bed cover like the hood of your pickup. Do not wipe dust off the cover; it should be washed off.

With proper care, the polycarbonate cover will last for many years. It should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not use any strong chemicals or cleaners of any kind. Do not allow gasoline to come in contact with the cover.

Every effort has been made to make the Retrax weathertight; however, the Retrax is not waterproof. Use extra care to prevent damage to items during severe weather conditions or while entering a car wash. Water may collect on the cover; remove water before opening.

Do not force your Retrax open if ice forms on your bed cover after an ice storm or car wash. You should use your hand to tap around the perimeter of the cover, which should free up the weather stripping that seals the bed cover along the edges.

Lock de-icer can be used to free up the key lock. Do not allow de-icer to make contact with the bed cover. Dry graphite can be applied to the lock assembly to help prevent freezing.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long the implied warranty lasts, so the aforementioned limitations may not apply to you.

Claim Procedure

If a part fails, the purchaser should return to the selling dealer to determine if the failed part is covered under the terms of this warranty. If a warranty claim is necessary, the dealer will contact Retrax. If it is impractical for the purchaser to return to the selling dealer, then the purchaser may contact Retrax directly at (800) 206-4070. At the manufacturer’s discretion, photos, a copy of the original bill of sale and the serial number may be submitted in lieu of the returned damaged product to Retrax. After determining the validity of the warranty claim, Retrax will ship a replacement part prepaid to the customer. Labor costs to replace defective parts are the responsibility of the purchaser. If at any time you need warranty assistance, please contact Retrax. When calling or emailing, please be prepared to reference your part number and serial number.


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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 15 × 13 in
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