Quick Rescue Roof

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  • Removable Roof Panel
  • Two-bolt design
  • Makes driver extraction easy
  • Drivers can extract themselves
  • Saves emergency crews time
  • No need to cut body panels or cages
  • Kit includes: roof cap, side rails and rear support
  • Available in black
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Product Description

The Quick Rescue Roof reduces or eliminates the need to cut the body panels and the cage during driver extraction. Safety is the #1 priority in racing. The kit comes with a 46.5″ wide roof cap, two side rails, an aluminum back support and all the hardware necessary to install the product. The Quick Rescue Roof currently comes in black and works best when you install a .040” piece of tin to use as the roof panel. Roof fins are 1″ tall on the side rails.

The roof allows for quick identification of driver injury and full access to the driver through a removable roof panel. This allows the safety crew to administer care immediately inside the cockpit of the car. Simply releasing the two body bolts from the roof panel and sliding the panel out the rear allows a driver in dangerous situation to exit quickly. In cases of a fuel leak, fire, or any other unstable situation your driver could exit through the open space made available by removing the roof panel. In a worst case scenario, a driver that is not incapacitated would have the ability to push out the roof and extract themselves from a vehicle.

The Quick Release Roof was built to save precious minutes during an emergency. The QRR simplifies the job of removing the roof panel so the rescue crew can focus on identifying the injury, stabilize the driver, and extract them from the car much quicker than a conventional roof would. In the race to bring state-of-the-art safety equipment to the dirt track, driver rescue has become increasingly more difficult. Dakota Track Side designed this product to give your driver the best opportunity to receive assistance and care much quicker. This is a safety product build especially for the dirt track.

Quick Rescue Roof – Demonstration and Q&A

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Weight14 lbs
Dimensions54 x 9 x 5 in


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