RHR Modified Cool Power Pack

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  • Cool Power Pack includes: RHR Cool Air Box, RHR Modified Radiator Screen Mud Shredder, RHR Cockpit Idle Adjuster 
  • RHR Modified Radiator Screen is super lightweight to allow air flow. Made with vinyl mesh to block debris and an aluminum frame, slotted for an easy install.
  • RHR Cool Air Box funnels cleaner and cooler air into your carb. Increasing your horsepower and keeping hot air out of your engine.
  • RHR Cockpit Idle Adjuster allows you to warm up your engine right from the cockpit with a turn of a knob.
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To hot to bear? This race season cool down with the RHR Modified Cool Power Pack. This pack offers three powerful products to keep you cool, calm and collected on the race track. You will receive our top seller the, RHR Modified Radiator Screen Mud Shredder, to keep mud and debris out of your radiator. Our signature, RHR Cool Air Box, creating cleaner and cooler air for increased horsepower and finally, our RHR Cockpit Idle Adjuster. This idle adjuster allows you to keep your engine warm with a turn of a knob, saving time for not only the driver but your hardworking pit crew as well. That is a $305 value just for you.

Modified Cool Power Pack Video


RHR Modified Cool Power Pack Video

RHR Cool Air Box Features Video

RHR Idle Adjuster Video

RHR Mod Radiator Screen Video


RHR Swag® Warranty Disclaimer: Vehicle racing is inherently a dangerous sport with significant risk of person injury or even death. When a user participates in vehicle racing, he/she accepts the risk inherent therein. RHR Swag® & Red Headed Rebel® makes no warranty that the use of its products or parts guarantees personal safety. The installation of RHR Swag® products or parts may adversely affect other vehicle components, safety equipment or manufactured goods (collectively “goods”). RHR Swag® assumes no responsibility for any damage to other goods, or bodily injury that may arise due to failure of other goods, due to installation and/or use, either proper or improper, of its products or parts.

RHR Swag® Warranty: Product we manufacture are backed by a 1 year limited warranty for repair or replacement except for LED lights, which come with a 90-day warranty.



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  • Cool Power Pack includes:
  • $280 value

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 4 in