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Leer HF650M vs Lomax

Compare the Lomax and the Leer HF650M Hard Fold Tonneau Covers. Check out the video below. The main few differences between the Lomax & the Leer is the Lomax is manufactured in the USA, a tri-fold cover, made of light-weight aluminum, is available in 3 finishes (matte black, black urethane (like a bedliner coating) and diamond plate. It can be folded up and stored flat or in addition the original Lomax can be removed and re-attached with no tools in seconds. the Lomax Stance model can be stored vertical for 100% bed access but then has 2 bolts to totally removed. The Leer HF650 on the other hand is is made of a fiberglass re-enforced polymer (so its thicker and heavier to fold). It is a 4 fold cover than can be stored flat with 3/4’s of the bed open or stored virtual with prop rods for almost 100% bed access. To totally remove, you have the are 2 bolts to removed. The Leer is designed in the USA but imported from overseas.

Both tonneaus are hard, both fold up, both are a clamp on installation, both offer self-locking features. Both are sealed up nicely for the weather although the seals are nicer on the Lomax and the props are easier to use on the Leer.

Lomax Vs Leer Tonneau Video

Lomax Tonneau Models

Leer Hard Fold Tonneau Models

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