RHR Swag Sponsorship Program


Want to be part of the RHRSwag™.com racing team? Here is our sponsorship program.  We receive hundreds of racing sponsorship requests. As a result, we have designed a program that just about anyone can participate in.  Just follow these 4 easy steps.  Get up to $100 per win.  See details below.

Step 1

Fill out our sponsorship request form.  We will notify you if you are accepted via email and by posting you up on our racing team page.

Step 2

Add our official RHR Swag™ logo to your race car. Download RHRSwag™.com Logo
(logo must be at least 15″ wide on your car & colored not altered.)

Step 3

Socially share the RHRSwag.com website and tag our facebook, our instagram or our twitter profiles.
(Bonus points: We like it if you share your car or wins & tag us or share about us from time to time.)

Step 4

When you make it to victory lane, submit a picture of your win to us. We will post it on our winner’s circle page &  will mail you out a check. It’s that simple.
(Picture must be with the car in victory lane and the RHR Swag™ logo visible)


If you race dirt circle track car and win a feature event, we will send you a check for up to $100.00 per win, provided the requirements for payment are met.  Requirements for payment include completely filling out the submit your win form with all the information within 2 weeks of your win along with including a picture of your race car in victory lane with the RHR Swag logo.  We reserve the right to limit the # of drivers sponsored in a given class or type of car.  Drivers and teams who do not conduct themselves in a professional manner, will be disqualified from the program. Each driver can receive up to $1000 in sponsorship winnings in a single year; if you continue to win after the $1000 dollar maximum, you can continue to submit feature event wins for promotional purposes only.

  • Go kart, sling shot or hornet type car: $10.00 per win
  • Pure stock or mod 4 type car: $25.00 per win
  • Street, sport mod, super stock, imca mod, limited late model type car: $50.00 per win
  • Open modified, late model, sprint type race car: $100.00 per win


By filling out our sponsorship request form you are indemnifying RHRSwag™ from all actions, liabilities and lawsuits involving you or your race team. Racing is a dangerous activity and you understand you are participating in racing at your own risk.  You are also giving RHR Swag™, any agent, sub-agent or third party contractor a non-exclusive worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify distribute and display any images or content you provide RHR Swag™.  Providing RHR Swag™ content and/or images doesn’t obligate RHR Swag™ to use it.  RHR Swag™ will use content and/or images and any derived work from the content and/or images principally to promote our brand or sale of products on our website and social profiles.  By submitting images and content, you are stating that you own the images and/or content and is not copyright work from someone else.  We reserve the right to change and cancel this program at any time.

RHRSwag Sponsorship Request
RHRSwag Sponsorship Request