RHR Swag


RHR Swag is no longer accepting 2019 sponsorship requests.

We wish you a safe and successful race season. We would like to thank everyone who participated and submitted sponsorship requests in 2017 & 2018. For 2019, we have decided to sponsor the 2019 Wild West Shootout in Arizona along with the 2019 Wissota MW Modified Tour.  Since we are a small company, manufacturing a just few parts for racers, this will use up our 2019 sponsorship advertising budget. The driver “submit your win” program was fun & exciting, but also proved very time consuming to manage. We felt for 2019, sponsoring a couple of events and doing a really good job at that would be worth trying for 2019.  Thank you for your ongoing support. If you would like an RHR Swag decal for you car, please contact us.

Here is a few sponsorship tips from our founder, that may help you in finding sponsors and marketing partners.

RHRSwag Sponsorship Request
RHRSwag Sponsorship Request